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    Jamie Crawford

From short-form commercial work to TV series and feature length projects, I make films in all formats as a director, writer and executive producer.

Most recently, I made the Grierson-nominated “Trainwreck: Woodstock ’99” for Netflix, and feature documentary “Prince Andrew: Banished” for NBC Peacock. I am currently in production on a three-part art fraud film for the BBC.

I love story. I love character. And what I most love about my job is the incredible palette of visual, audio and creative tools that filmmaking offers me.

Today, I live in New York with my Argentine wife and two children. I speak bilingual Spanish, fluent French and Italian and always jump at the chance to use my languages at work.

Before settling into a life behind the camera, I studied languages at university and started my career as a journalist for Reuters, working in London and as a correspondent in Rome. Reuters taught me all about story and a lot about life. And after an interim year of travel writing and photography in Southern Africa, I found TV and film.

For TV and Film work I’m represented by Amanda Lebow, Charlotte Lichtman and Tyler Kroos at CAA.